Franchise Documentation

Franchising NI can guide you through the process of creating the documentation required to franchise your business.

Franchise Prospectus
The franchise prospectus is a sales brochure that will communicate key information, benefits and selling points to potential franchisees. Franchising NI can help you gather the relevent information, establish your key benefits and selling points and design the prospectus for distribution to prospective franchisees.

Operations Manual
The operations manual is an instruction manual for your franchisees on how to run all aspects of the business. Franchising NI can guide you through the complicated process of producing an operations manual and design the final document for you.

Training Manual & Materials
The training manual will allow you to induct your franchisees into the practices of your business, allowing them to then instruct their employees on all aspects of the business to ensure training standards are met throughout the franchise network. Franchising NI can help you to design and develop a training manual and training materials.

Franchise Agreements and Licence Agreements
Franchising NI offer advice on Franchise Agreements and Licence Agreements and can refer you to solicitors in Northern Ireland who specialise in the development and assessment of franchise and license agreements.

Translation of Franchise Documentation
Franchising NI specialise in Franchise Documentation Translation, offering over 50 world languages. As franchise experts, we are perfectly placed to translate all franchise documentation. Please click here for more information on our translation services.

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